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About Conference

We know that sustainable future is possible but, with measures to be taken on environment and climate change. the formation of the business model based on a sustainable future to accelerate the transition to Low Carbon Economy is inevitable.

Climate change is now a subject of business model and Sustainability Management is now a strategic priority and, as a brand value, creates competitive advantage for the corporations.

Low-carbon technologies, particularly, the use of clean energy technologies, energy and water-saving technologies are the initial and leading steps of the countries having low-carbon green growth plan.

The 3rd Green Business Conference aims to bring all parties together to share the latest developments in the world of green business, laws, standards, innovations, practices,  financial and non-financial risks and opportunities in transition to sustainability and low carbon economy.

this year in the Green Business Conference ;

Professionals from national and international organizations will be sharing the best practices about the laws, regulations, standards, innovations, practices, production, management, services and design philosophy based on the sustainability.

Green Business Conference (Green Institutions) is aiming to bring all parties together;  industry and sector representatives, investors, renewable energy investors, financial institutions, managers, suppliers, designers, marketing professionals, technical experts, practitioners, government agencies, carbon suppliers and consultants, representatives of the global carbon markets, non-governmental organizations and share all the innovations, applications, projects and products in the world of green business.







Konferans Hakkında Danışma Kurulu Program Çözüm Ortakları Galeri Basın İletişim ve Kayıt

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